My story so far

I've dedicated my entire adult career into developing my artistic and creative skills in order to pursue a career in design and marketing which in turn rewards me with incredible experiences and opportunities to apply my talent to.

E is for Everything

So, who am I? Without going into some deep philosophical rant I have dedicated most of my life so far to my career in creativity & marketing. The progression of over 10 years in the industry has had me from battling with new design software in order to create something to now incorporating a range of sharpened skills and experience to produce quality outcomes.


I have dedicated the majority of my adult life so far, into developing my skills and career, in turn get a lot of enjoyment from doing what I do. Each day offers new challenges and working with and developing brands within my portfolio of clients boasts passion and drive to see my clients succeed. This encompasses my whole ethos toward my career. One thing my clients generally say about me is that I actually care about the result of my work. I find the relationship with my clients a particularly strong one which gets stronger over time and then the communication between both develops as we understand better what each other wants and can produce. Some of my clients have been with me for the full 10-year period and we have helped each other develop as businesses.


Currently (2016) I am studying a degree in Contemporary Marketing for a Bachelor in Business at Griffith University and have reach my final 1/3 of the course to complete dealing with marketing theory and practice. This degree has taught me a lot about the theoretical side and in which I have been able to implement immediately into my work as I am learning the content. This has enabled me to produce a strong focus on the final result for my clients and now has many regular customers asking advice as I have been able to before but through practical experience. I now have the confidence and backing from the theoretical and academic side of marketing in conjunction with IT, design and practical experience.

Etymology of Sabius

I frequently get asked why the name ‘Sabius’ which in a nutshell was an alias I have used since a very early aged when I first started navigating the internet and playing video games at the age of 14. Derived from a Roman general (Fabius) and in the quest for something unique to identify myself by, I adapted it so Sabius in which to this day is still a unique name in itself that I have used for almost 20years.

Also, I am an avid gamer. I have been my whole life. From early multiplayer days of Quake and Command & Conquer up until now playing the PS4. I still use this name today through gaming and always looking for fellow players to join.

Especialness of work

My designs are solid, unique and colour focused with a foundation for direct communication to fulfil the initial purpose. Everything I design is based around a purpose to communicate a message or fulfil a purpose in order to succeed. The specialty area of my designs and marketing ability is conversion, I create vivid and well communicated graphics and interactivity through User Experience (UX) to convert viewers or browsers into actionable connections or sales. This is done via solid and well developed graphic design and marketing strategies using motion and photographic elements and unique branding.

Errata of coding

For website design I am skilled in HTML+CSS, PHP & MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX and creating functional hosting environments and platforms to operate websites off. I have extensive experience in setting up, managing and modifying Wordpress websites, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, OpenCart and I have also developed our custom eCommerce and CMS development called SYSQ which is a full control simplified Content Management System designed to give you maximum control without all the fiddly bits.

Website development is something that I have fallen into quite well with a background in IT and computer sciences, I’ve always endeavoured to maximise my designs by incorporating User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) into the development process as I discovered it maximised the conversion potential of design.

This extra dimensional outlook into development has allowed me to really focus my coding skills around designs and user experience by combining creativity with development and coding which are normally treated as separate entities, however I have developed into being able to utilise both skills proficiently and efficiently.

Establishment of Styles

My designs have originated initially from impressionism, abstract and pop-art influences.

From there I worked within the signage industry fine tuning my skills working on clear and communicative signage that focused on displaying a message in a very short space of time. This also improved my foundation design skills with illustrator and photoshop dealing with CNC Cutting tools and also large format printing dealing with pixilation, viewing distance and mediums.

During the course of developing designs for a large array of clients through signage, a branch of the company I was working for, utilised me as a figurehead into the graphic design lead which also allowed me to branch into website design.

I was then poached by a national print firm to assist in developing stereolithography and became the only stereolithography designer in Australia working with a UV Heidelberg 4 colour press and printing 3D elements on lenticular sheets. Which introduced me to the multitudes of various printing techniques, dot matrix and overprinting abilities you can use through standard lithography. This propelled me into print media and harnessing my skills into publications and collateral designs stemming from the original signage skills for communication making clear graphics in print and seeing success through influxes of clientele.

After this I found a new opportunity applying marketing skills and encompassing more selling by using a full array of skills in order to achieve results in return on investment (ROI) targets. This involved brochure development that reflected a in depth eCommerce system and analytics which allowed me to gauge me work against responses.

This frontier of skill sets then prompted me to start my business and offer my services to a large array of clients across Australia and now the world with international businesses enquiring for my services as I develop a unique design style that focuses on clear communication and conversion.



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