I reflect on my insight into why I am passionate about what I do which drives me each day and the basis of my business

The other night I visited my good friend for his birthday and bumped into a guy I know I hadn’t seen since High School. He was a good friend of my younger brother and we struck up convo immediately and talked about love, life, careers and so forth as you do.

Interesting enough he was embarking on studies in Graphic Design and to the college if Design at Kingscliff TAFE, the same that I went to 10yrs ago. Funnily enough we talked about how to convert your talent into a money making experience and the conversation struck something that I don’t normally think about.

This job has it’s ups and downs and I normally work 12+ hour days and sometimes 7 days a week, however I work from home which makes it convenient and there are often weeks I can’t find the cash to take my family out to dinner.

So, why do I do this?

Because simply, it’s a passion. I love what I do and I’m driven to perform and improve constantly. There was one thing I learnt at a young age when I was learning to skateboard, if I wanted to be good at it, I needed to do it every day. And the other thing was that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.

Looking back on this night there was a few conversations around the same theme of career as it often comes up when you meet new people “So, what do you do?” and I reply with something usually to derail them as to not ask questions, as work is something I generally don’t want to discuss at parties, but there are times you just cannot avoid it. But the fact that I work from home has people generally quizzing me “that must take a lot of discipline.” And the answer to that is no. not at all. The discipline comes when you try and separate your work life from your family life and make sure you rest and relax. I love getting up in the morning, coming to my desk and working on exciting projects with my vast array of clients.

This same night I also spoke to a counterpart in the same industry on this night and we spoke of positioning, clients, modern technology and education in our field. One interesting thing caught me was that his focus was all about the monetary side of things within his business. I’m all for making money, don’t get me wrong, but my argument falls back on the time when I was 2IC at a large printing firm and my job went from creativity into management and I lost my happiness. I was a great manager, but missed the creative side of my work and I started to dislike my job. It made me realise I want to be creative, and it makes me happy doing so. Therefore, regarding money, although it is good, it’s the creative element that drives me and that I love so there needs to be balance.

Now, I’m looking to my list of shopping I need to purchase today and wondering where all this hard work has gone to when I’m going to struggle to purchase this list. I can barely remember my last day away from my work, my back is killing me and I cannot see an end in sight to my workload. But I love it. It’s my passion, it’s something that each day I get up and focus on developing and implementing new techniques and strategies. This is entrepreneurship, creativity, excitement and desire mixed into one and that is better than money.